The EnergyMizer®
for Residential Applications

The enhanced EMF filtering technology in the EnergyMizer® Residential product reduces the presence of EMF in your home.

The EnergyMizer®
for Business and Industrial Applications

Our flagship 8% money-back savings guarantee and value proposition have made EMS proven leaders in our field.

The EnergyMizer®
for Light Commercial Customers

The light commercial system was specifically designed for businesses in mind.

Established in 2007, EMS is a technology company dedicated to the production of innovative energy management systems.

The Company

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The EnergyMizer®

Get more details on the benefits of the EnergyMizer ® and how it works.

The EMS Technology

Learn how the EnergyMizer® makes
your home and workplace environment safer from EMF pollution.

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Start saving on your energy bill while protecting your health against EMF Pollution.

  • "Since installing the system, we have seen a noticeable reduction in our electricity bills. I also purchased a home unit for my house." - Bob A., Ben & Jerry's, Miami, FL
  • "We have had the opportunity to track our savings and in a comparison with last year we have noted between an 8-10% savings each month." - Candace T., Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL
  • "After monitoring the electricity usage for the past six months the building's reduction has exceeded our 8% projection and the payback will be less than two years." - Richard J., Town Of Wellesley, Wellesley, MA